Are you passionate about writing?

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Are you looking for a platform to share your ideas to make a real impact to others?

If that is you, then you have an opportunity right now on our website! At, we are always looking for talented writers to share with content with us. It is one thing to write, and it is another to write for an audience.

Benefits of writing for us:

1) Exposure
This is the primary benefit you will get. Your article will be shared on our blog, and to our email subscribers. Our subscribers count stand at 558 as of end 2013. Of course, our list will keep growing. You may get recognized for your writings, and may be exposed to more opportunities.

2) Gain subscribers
By writing for us, we allow you to add a link back to your website, to direct the readers back to your home page. At your home page, you can have email subscription service that the readers can subscribe to. This will help to increase your audience size.

3) Article stays forever
Unlike newspapers, your article stay on our website forever. We will not delete your articles. As more people read your article, the article may be shared widely, even after 3 years. As long as the content is relevant, people will still read your article.

Of course, we don’t allow any tom, dick, or harry to publish whatever content they want. Also, we do not accept paid publishing. We don’t want to receive your money just so you can publish whatever content you want. We want to keep our website clean.
Here are some guidelines to follow:

1) Topics:
Your content must be relevant to the topics of education, learning, and improvement. It can be the areas of academic education, sports education or even learning new skills like yoga, playing the piano, or speaking a new language. It has to be about learning.

2) Length:
Your article must be at least 450 words. It can be longer, but not less. We believe a longer article will provide good enough information for our readers.

3) Copyright:
We want your content to be original, and not copied from other websites, or even from your own blog. The article you published here must be unique, because we don’t want duplicated copies of your articles published on our blog.

4) Biography:
Please do a short introduction of yourself, either at the start or end of the article. We want you to own the content, and be responsible for it. You can add a link back to your website, or your social media (e.g. LinkedIn) profile.

5) Engagement:
Please be active in engaging your readers, especially after you publish your content. There may be readers commenting on our website about your posts, and please return to reply to them.They want to hear more from you.

If you’re interested, do contact us so we can email you for your article.