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Teaching is directly proportional to the notion of learning because until and unless we have learning prospering on the other side, teaching will not be worth undoing.

Teaching has always been a noble profession considered since ages and it has binding impact between the teacher and student. One way communication can never be considered as successful because teacher and student both needs to work as a team to succeed and drive the results. This applies to the guitar teachers as much as to a mathematics teacher. Teaching in any form is very respectable. It does not matter if you are teaching science or art. The happiness that a Science teacher gets when his student makes an invention used by the mankind is same as that a Guitar teacher would get when he listens to the sound of applause that the audience gives to his student for his performance on the stage. It does not matter if the student is a sixth grader performing in a school function of if he is a great guitar player performing internationally. A student’s success is very important for a teacher.

In current times, with such a technical advent and opportunities floating around, teaching has become very interesting job which is very enticing and fun-loving.

Teaching can be made more interesting when you see your students are taking interest and this is something which is visible when they ask questions, interact quite often, agree to disagree and lot more like that. With an internet boom, now a days we have remote sessions with teacher in some part of the world and people connecting from different part.

It is imperative that you use live use cases in your session to make your teaching experience much more profound and deeply penetrative. Real time example sparkles more and help people connect and relate with themselves more than just dumb statistics and repeated rhetoric with just knowledge and no practical implementation details.

Another proven best practice to improvise the teaching experience and make it more interesting is having a quiz session in your agenda.  Cover a small area of your due agenda and then hold small quiz to check how audience is reacting to that. It will also give you an idea about their liking of your topic so that you can improve in the mid of a session and try something else to make it work.

Teaching should not be monotonous and repetitive because otherwise you would not be able to get the best out of your audience and it would not have that desired impact as well.

Lets see a few tips on producing great students: