Have you ever wished that someone can help to simply all the difficult topics for you, so you can study faster and easier for the subject?

Have you ever wanted study tips for your subjects so you can do better than your previous examination results?

Have you ever hope that there’s someone to guide to along in your studies?


You’ve come to the right place.

Right here, we will be sharing learning tips to help you study better and score better in your school. Occasionally, we will also share our unique perspective of the world to move you out of the ‘school-zone’ and help you understand what is happening around you.

Who are we?

We are a group of friends who came from 4 countries in Asia – Taiwan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong. We know each other from the same church in Singapore, but we are now in different parts of the world. However, we still stay in touch with one another every term holidays, and just have fun, just like the good old days.

Let us give a little introduction about ourselves.

John L.
photo3John is probably our leader of this group. He is also our ‘Big Brother’, even though he is just 2 years older than us. He is currently majoring in political science in a university in Singapore. Other than that, he also serves in his church ministry every weekend. He may looks big to you (his size), but we like to call him our friendly giant.

Xiao Hui
Xiao Hui is our ‘listener’ of the group. She is very good in counselling, and she is always the first person to go to, when we nee some advice or just someone to hear us out. She is studying for a degree in childhood education from a private university based in Hong Kong. The rest of our clique thinks that she is in the best field she can be.

Robin P.
photos2Robin is a guy of few words, but he is someone who is extremely good at computers. He is also the one who help us create this website. It may look simple, but if you ask the rest of us, we may take days, if not weeks, to do it. Robin just took 3 days. Other than studying computing in uni, he is also learning how to develop mobile apps. Fantastic guy. Maybe the next instagram is created by him? Who knows!

Chung Li Li
That’s me! It may be quite funny for me to introduce myself in 3rd party. So I shall just give a brief writeup here. I’m in Taiwan right now. No, I’m not on holiday. I’m in a summer program in Taipei for a few months only. Of course, coming to Taiwan is not just about studying, but also about touring! I have tried my best not to write anything about tourism here, if not it will become a travel blog. Other than that, you can know more about me when I write here.

Why is this site about education?

photo-1If you gone around our site, you realise that our website is mainly about education, study guides, learning etc. One thing we didn’t share with you yet, is we are strong believers of education, and we believe education can change the world! Four of us have served as mini cell group leaders before and we see the benefits in teaching others in the word of God. Not only that, we have also tried reaching out to lower-income families to give them free tuition to their children.

However, as we are now everywhere in different parts of the world, we don’t have as much time as before in teaching and mentoring others. Hence, we decide to dedicate this site to a web portal for education. If there are any related articles or information pieces on education, or study guides that can help our fellow friends to tackle difficult quizzes, we will post them here.

This is what we think, the least we can do so far, until we have completed our studies.

Meanwhile, if you think we have helped you, do return to our site more often to support us.