Education is important, that’s why we go to school. However, for many people, their education ends in school. They learn everything the school taught them, and stop learning what the school didn’t give them. This is really unfortunate, and is not healthy for the overall education.

Education should never end. Not even if you end your school. Education is forever, till the day you leave this world. We need to educate ourselves so as to improve everyday, and not get leave behind.

Here are 3 education sources that we recommend for you to seek new knowledge outside of your school.

1) New People


We students are really smart. We can study, we can memorize, we can ace exams. But that only limits us to being book-smart. That means we don’t know anything more outside our school textbooks. Whatever we see in the textbooks seems to be the holy-truth, and the only truth.

Now, what if we step out of school, and go out and meet new people? You will realize that whatever we learn in school and in textbooks might not be correct totally. By meeting new people, we are given new perspectives in our lives, in our thoughts, in our actions.

Go out and meet new people today, and see how your life change.

2) Read non-fiction books.

library-books-flickrAnd I don’t mean just your school textbooks. Read biographies of famous people, political leaders, people who change the world. These are the people who undergo change themselves, and did something great that impact the world. These are the people we should study to see how they lead their lives, and why they made certain decisions that mold our world today.

Read non-fiction books to expand your dreams, to see the impossible, to learn things that your school will never teach you. Your school will never teach you how to save taxes, how to build a family, how to save your marriage. By going out there to learn, you are investing in yourself and reaping your own rewards in years to come.

3) New Places

new-zealand-countrysideAre you trapped in your own well for too long, and thought that your well is the biggest place you’ve ever been? Sometimes, we stay too comfortable in our own zone that we become unappreciative of the things around us.

Travel out. See the world. Expand your vision.

Go to new places to see how big the world is. Educate yourself on the culture of others. Do what you’ve never done before to get what you’ve always wanted to get. Take some risk and travel alone (if you can). You will learn more than reading about travel books or geography. Simply go out and experience a nature’s phenomenon, and you would have seen more than your other geography friends.

Through this short post, we hope to inspire you to embrace knowledge, and start to see how knowledge can change your world, instead of just helping you to score higher grades in examinations. We want to show you how big your world can be, simply by increasing your knowledge.

Action Plan:


1) For a start, you can begin with Wikipedia, the place for all your education needs. Never ever worry about missing a piece of knowledge. Wikipedia gets everything together for you.

2) Start meeting new people. Find people of similar interests as you and meet them. You may meet new friends, you may meet new lifetime hobby partners. Try out where you can join or organize any meetings you want.

3) Stay at Airbnb. It is a ‘room-booking’ site where you can book a home in another country. Skip the hotels. Stay with a local. Airbnb will help you with finding the best host for your holiday.