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Education as a whole is very important aspect of children’s upbringing and creating a sense of awareness among them to be more responsible, civilized and understand human values and achievements made through all these years by mankind.

But in due course of time, what we forgot that just the bookish knowledge will make the students as mechanical object who will grow behaving like a robot with no focus on anything. This particular factor, which has amplified to manifold already, has adversely impacted and undermined the importance of good health.

Focus on physical education is equally important and imperative measure which we all have to incorporate in our regular education framework to ensure that students are sensitive to this subject and respond positively to it.

There are many countries where it has become mandatory for students to do well in physical education because there is systematic system in place where students are evaluated every 6 months. The assessment earned is then added to the overall score which makes the students take this seriously and perform well not only during exam but also during the learning phase.

Transport gadget reviews reveal that unfortunately even in modern times there are several schools in many countries where we do have physical education part of the curriculum but still no one cares and even teachers take this subject casually. It is hard to believe how can an angle so important to an individual’s health be ignored so much. If proper sports cannot be made part of the school schedule, at least some sort of physical activity, like skateboarding, cycling etc. should be done.

Countries like India, Singapore, Japan, US are setting positive trend in this regard and uplifting the education system to ensure that physical education is considered as the integral and mandatory part of every student’s life.  The best part here is that government is taking initiative and doing everything possible to make it success by collaborating with their local bodies, states and spreading the word by conducting regular awareness program in school, colleges.

Private schools have always been focusing on the physical education but now government undertaking schools have initiated the so called “Physical Training” which happen every morning for 30 minutes where all the students, school staff and teachers participate and carry out the steps as laid out by the school committee.

This is something which was not seen in colleges before but now even they have mandated this step like we have in schools for all to follow. Colleges are now encouraging students to focus on education as well as on sports and ensuring all the facility for students to remain healthy and fit.

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