You know that if there is one musical instrument that will be hard to master, it is the violin. This explains why those who become violin teachers are naturally good and are very patient. Teaching violin can also be hard and complicated especially those who are trying to teach kids. There will be moments when the teacher cannot help but feel trapped and frustrated because the students are not able to pick up what they have to do immediately.

To become a private violin teacher Singapore, you should do the following:

  1. Make sure that you know how to do the basics of playing the violin.

In order to make people learn, they have to know what the basics of playing the violin is. This is one of the aspects often overlooked by aspiring teachers. They tend to forget that everything should start from the basics. You should think about teaching the students about how to conduct. You may have to sing with them in order to get the tune and the notes right. If you are patient, you will be successful at teaching your students what you have to learn.

  1. You can arrange your time so that you can be with students one at a time.

It will be your call if you want to do a group study wherein you are going to teach several students at once the basics of the violin or if you would sit down with different students one at a time in order to teach them how to play the violin one by one. If you do not have students yet, you can always advertise so that more people will see your efforts.

  1. Remember to pay attention to your bowing.

You may think that knowing the right notes and knowing the right strings to hold while bowing are more important than bowing itself but this is not true at all. To play the violin well, you have to show that you are strong and that you are superior. It will be enough to make your students look at you in awe and aspire to play like you. Holding the bow properly can be learned from here:

Remember that as a teacher, you can always be kind because your students are learning how to play the violin for the first time but you have to be strict with the intonation. It is only through this that they will learn how to play the violin properly.