Hi, it’s Li Li here. Just recently, I have the privilege to perform at my school’s annual graduation concert for the outgoing class of 2014. I perform a piece of the classic song “Friends” on the piano and did some singing to go along with it.

Thankfully, everything went well! I have some teachers and outgoing class friends coming to say that I played really well, even to the extent they cried while singing the song. Okay… i think they must be crying because of graduation, not because of my piano music right?

Anyway, one teacher chatted with me when my performance ended. While we are both waiting for the graduation concert to end, she asked me this question, “I’m thinking of sending my children to music classes, but I wonder which is easier to learn, the piano or violin?”

I didn’t know the teacher very well, so I gave quite a simple answer, that will make her happy, even though it may not answer her question directly. I replied “Both the violin and piano are good instruments to learn, so I think your children can learn either one of them will be good”.

But now when I’m back home, it gets me thinking of a better answer.

So which is easier to learn, the piano or the violin? I do play the piano, but only a little of violin. If you want to compare my piano and violin skills, then it is like comparing David and Goliath (in terms of their sizes, not their stories). I’m competent in piano, but not in violin.

But let’s look at the things about learning the violin and piano.

1. For violin, you only read the treble clef. For piano, you need to learn to read both treble and bass clef.

2. For violin, you can sit or stand to play. For piano, you can sit and play all the way.

3. For violin, you use both your hands to play, but one hand on the violin, the other on the bow. For piano, both of your hands are playing on the piano.

4. For violin, you have to master control of the bow to play music to its very best. For piano, your feet will come into play with the pedal too!

5. For violin, you can’t sing when you play (it is hard to open your mouth!). For piano, you can do so. In fact, that is what I love doing!

These are all the points that I know about both learning and playing the piano and violin. As I can tell, there’s not much difference to learning piano or violin. It is probably the same as learning any instrument. You have to learn so that you can play well.

How easy are both instruments? Really, no answer. It will be easy if you learn and practice. It will be difficult if you have no interest of learning or practicing. So you can see, there’s nothing much to compare here.

But if I were to start again, for me to choose piano vs violin…

I may go for piano again. Maybe I’m biased because I’ve been playing it for yearssss. My piano teacher is very encouraging and I was also inspired by her to practice hard and play it well. I must thank her for giving me the courage to perform in public.

For violin wise, maybe it’s not the time for me to start new singapore violin lessons. Let me complete my studies with piano, and maybe with my experience with the piano, i can learn the violin faster and better!

So back to you my readers. If you can choose between violin & piano, which one will you choose? And a rare question for people who have learn both piano and violin. Which one is ‘easier’ to learn? Share it in the comments below!