Hey everyone, it’s Robin here. 

As you know, I work more with computers than working with people. I’m not a very conversational person, but one thing I like to do is to learn about technology, and do it. Just last week, I had a chance to meet up with a marketing consultant to talk about SEO, and how to do SEO for businesses

SEO, also means Search Engine Optimization, is a method that people use to optimize their website according to search ranking criteria so that their website can rank high on search engines like Google. There are many search engines, but the popular one we know are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Ask.com. 

I had an idea of a web business, and would like to apply SEO to market it. SEO can help to get tons of traffic to your site, and hence, I went to seek advice from an SEO expert. Here’s an SEO guide that I can share with you. 

1) On Page Factors

To start with SEO, you have to fix your on page factors. These are criteria that you have to fix inside your page, such as your meta tags, titles, H1, H2 tags, content keywords, and the content of your text. There are many factors to take note about on page, but the main key to take note is to have original content with optimized keywords. This will let search engines know what your content is about, and will hence rank you accordingly to what people are searching for. 

2) Off Page Factors

Off page factors means the things you do outside of your website. Google uses off page factors heavily to gauge how credible a website is, and how high it should rank the website. One important factor is backlink, which is a link other websites link to you. Google sees that if other websites link to you, then you must have some credibility from that website. Hence, if you have more credible backlinks, you get more ‘votes’ from other sites, and hence, you are more credible in Google eyes, and you deserve a higher ranking! 

3) Keyword Research

However, no matter what you do, you must take note of keyword research too. You must know what are the keywords you are going to rank for. If you rank the wrong keywords, you are going to waste your time, because the traffic coming in is not going to convert to leads or sales for you. There are many tools out there that can give you data about certain keywords people search for, and you can do a detailed search for the keywords you want to target for your website. 

This guide may not be comprehensive enough, but this should at least act as a basic foundation of what SEO is about, and some criteria to rank your website. Search engine optimization is a really huge topic and it is impossible to cover just in a short blog post like this. 

But i believe it is important to be educated in this marketing strategy as it is one that has driven tons of traffic for businesses. People are searching for information everyday, and whether they land on your website, depends on how searcheable your website is. 

Meanwhile, hope this short guide provides some education or eye opener about SEO. Let me work on it and read more about it. If you need more info, maybe Wikipedia page on SEO can provide some extra insights. I will be sharing a lot more here with new information soon.