Are you starting your violin lessons soon and considering in getting a suitable size violins yourself? If you are learning lessons from a music school or violin teacher, he will get the correct size for you. However, if you are learning on your own for leisure, then this article might help you!

Buying a violin before your violin lessons can be an expensive affair. Of course, parents and teachers want the child to have the best sounding violin they can afford. If it is your first time selecting a violin or a cello, deciding on which instrument to buy can be overwhelming due to the varied range and quality available. Even accomplished players looking to upgrade their violin or cello require professional advice before deciding on the instrument of their choice.

But the main thumb of rule is, you must ensure that the seller actually take the effort and time to evaluate what you need, before recommending a selection of music instruments. When considering buying a violin or cello in Singapore, factors you should be looking at are whether you have music background, and how motivated you are in learning the instrument.

But First lets answer this question:

How do I know which size of violin should I order. 

The image belows shows you how to get the right size: 

violin measurement chart

1/16 – 37cm (14.5″); 1/10 – 41cm (16″);    

1/8 – 44cm (17.5″); 1/4 – 48cm (19″);

1/2 – 52cm (20.5″);   

3/4 – 55cm (21.5″); 

7/8 – 57cm (22.5″); 

4/4 – 59cm (23.5″).

The smallest is the 1/16th size violin which is used for a 3-4yr old. The biggest is a 4/4 size which is also called a full-sized violin. As you can see, violins are in “fractional” sizes because of the use of fractions.

This can be misleading though, as a 1/2 size violin (52cm) is not a 1/2 of the size of a 4/4 (59cm) or full-size violin.

Then the next question is should I get a cheap violin or a better quality one. In my opinion, as a new player, you should get a music instrument which suits you at least a few years in the future, as you will improve musically having acquired higher level playing techniques over time. A lot of parents might consider as this is a waste of money as they are not sure whether their kids will continue to learn. But the fact is, if you bought a cheap and low quality violin, the sound will not be as nice as you want it to be. Eventually it will have a negative effect on your learning.

Furthermore, if you are looking to buy a violin or cello which is advanced level or investment grade level, find a violin stores that has a wide selection available from well-known master makers around the world. They should source the music instruments from all over the world.

Other than the instrument itself, selecting a bow is also rather important. A lot of students thought that a violin bow is not important, but the truth is the other way round. Please be aware that different bows produce distinct tonal quality difference on the same instrument. A better quality hand-made bow crafted from top end “pernumbuco wood” does help the player tremendously compared to a rudimentary machine made bow.

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We hope this guide will help you in selecting the right violin for your right size. The right violin size will help you to play and learn better and most importantly, gives you the comfort to play the violin for long periods of time.