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Questions to Ask Before You Hire A Singapore Wedding Photographer

Wedding Photographers are probably one of the most important people that you must have in your wedding, to ensure that whatever happened on your wedding day, will be captured in beautiful images, Forever.

However, with so many photographers in the market, offering you different packages, different rates, different services, how are you going to make a good decision for your BIG day?

Hence, here are some really important questions to ask your wedding photographer before hiring them.

1. Portfolio

wedding photography

Of course, you have to check out their works first! You have to like their style of photography before you engage them. You have to see how their previous shoots looks like, and if you like their way of photography. This is important because different photographers have different ways of taking shots. You will want someone who is capable to fulfill your demands.

By looking at their portfolio, you can somehow imagine how your own photos will turnout from their skills and camera. If you can’t imagine you and your partner looking good under their camera, then you might want to check out the works of other photographers.

2. How soon will I get the photos?

wedding photographers

You definitely don’t want to wait a few months before you see your photos. Definitely, you want it to be as soon as possible, right? Hence, you have to ask your photographer how soon they can let you view the photos, at least view it from a their password-protected website.

If you’re paying quite a significant sum, then do consider to demand your photographers to give you a quicker turn around time.

3. Other Services?

wedding day

Let’s face it. We are in Singapore, and we like to bargain to get the best deal. However, we also understand that the cheapest photography package is usually not the best package that will fit your needs. You would rather spend a bit more to get a better package, with better service.

If you are looking for a wedding photographer for pre-wedding shoots, ask if they provide other services (complimentary or on discounts) – wedding gown rental, makeup artist, transportation to various locations for shoot…etc. If you are packing a big package, don’t be shy to ask for these little add-ons. Some may give it for you free, some may give you at a discount. Is OKAY. At least you get something extra right, Singaporeans?

If you’re going for actual day wedding dinner shoots, then you may ask if they provide videography service, or instant photo print service, or any additional service which you think they can make your experience a whole lot better. Again, they may not come free, but they can come with huge discounts, which will save you lots of money from engaging a separate service itself.

Remember, when we engage a Singapore wedding photographer, their job is not just to take photo for us, but to capture important moments and memories, and make the entire wedding experience AWESOME and UNFORGETTABLE. And that will mean they provide awesome service for you!

If you are looking for a good photography service for your wedding, then do check out this url: http://www.thatphotographer.sg/actual-day-wedding-photography/. ThatPhotographer.sg is a highly recommended photography service which will provide awesome service for your wedding experience.

Why You Have To Question All Information You Receive

As we all know that our current world is full of information. With the internet, we are exposed to all kinds of information everyday. You have controversial news, you have news that we not meant for certain ages, you have information that can change the lives of people.

The question is not to ask why we can be exposed to so many types of information. But it is how we are to question all the information that is available out there. We want to be able to tell which is the information that we should accept, which we should neglect. This is a skill that will help us a lot in today’s world.

When I look at that in this way, I realize how important our social studies class in schools are. You see, when I was first taught social studies, my first thought of the subject, is to force us to study Singapore’s history again, force us to look through all the thick documents that are written by historic leaders, and to study why these people made certain decisions back in the days when my parents are just kids.

Now, I understood why.

I understand what the real teachings of the social studies classes are.

When I attempt those social studies exam papers, I realize these papers are not just testing for our memorization skills (although it is important to know your facts!), we are tested on our ability to analyze information. They are testing if we can read information, and use them appropriately and argue our points clearly.

These are what social studies teach us. Mind you, I also spend my time and tuition fees on social studies tuition class so to improve my essay writing skills, to score higher marks. All these efforts helped me to score a distinction in my humanities subject in O levels.

But what’s next after O levels?

I’m glad that I have acquired analytical skills that can sieve through the thick piece of information everyday. I’m able to tell what I can read, what’s the purpose behind every news, and the agenda of every message that is being broadcasted. Things always looks simple, until you deeper and analyse further. It is actually quite planned out.

I wanted to say this because many people out there receives their information without clearly sieving through the real and fake stuffs. This goes to the same as listening to messages from the pastors preaching on stage or on TV.

Because we see that there are 5000 people watching them, then whatever the pastor says must be true.

NO! We still have to analyze what the pastor is saying, and check the facts from the bible. We have seen how preachers have come up with twisted scriptures and bend the real message to fit their agenda (whatever their agenda is).

However, we know that the truth lies in the bible, and the pastor is just a messenger of the Gospel! Too many people put aside the gospel, and just rely on that the preacher has to say, even if they steer clear away from the message of God.

That brings me back to the title of this post – Question whatever information you receive. You have to know the source of the message, the agenda behind this message, and most important, the real message behind the message.


3 Education Sources Outside of Your School

Education is important, that’s why we go to school. However, for many people, their education ends in school. They learn everything the school taught them, and stop learning what the school didn’t give them. This is really unfortunate, and is not healthy for the overall education.

Education should never end. Not even if you end your school. Education is forever, till the day you leave this world. We need to educate ourselves so as to improve everyday, and not get leave behind.

Here are 3 education sources that we recommend for you to seek new knowledge outside of your school.

1) New People


We students are really smart. We can study, we can memorize, we can ace exams. But that only limits us to being book-smart. That means we don’t know anything more outside our school textbooks. Whatever we see in the textbooks seems to be the holy-truth, and the only truth.

Now, what if we step out of school, and go out and meet new people? You will realize that whatever we learn in school and in textbooks might not be correct totally. By meeting new people, we are given new perspectives in our lives, in our thoughts, in our actions.

Go out and meet new people today, and see how your life change.

2) Read non-fiction books.

library-books-flickrAnd I don’t mean just your school textbooks. Read biographies of famous people, political leaders, people who change the world. These are the people who undergo change themselves, and did something great that impact the world. These are the people we should study to see how they lead their lives, and why they made certain decisions that mold our world today.

Read non-fiction books to expand your dreams, to see the impossible, to learn things that your school will never teach you. Your school will never teach you how to save taxes, how to build a family, how to save your marriage. By going out there to learn, you are investing in yourself and reaping your own rewards in years to come.

3) New Places

new-zealand-countrysideAre you trapped in your own well for too long, and thought that your well is the biggest place you’ve ever been? Sometimes, we stay too comfortable in our own zone that we become unappreciative of the things around us.

Travel out. See the world. Expand your vision.

Go to new places to see how big the world is. Educate yourself on the culture of others. Do what you’ve never done before to get what you’ve always wanted to get. Take some risk and travel alone (if you can). You will learn more than reading about travel books or geography. Simply go out and experience a nature’s phenomenon, and you would have seen more than your other geography friends.

Through this short post, we hope to inspire you to embrace knowledge, and start to see how knowledge can change your world, instead of just helping you to score higher grades in examinations. We want to show you how big your world can be, simply by increasing your knowledge.

Action Plan:


1) For a start, you can begin with Wikipedia, the place for all your education needs. Never ever worry about missing a piece of knowledge. Wikipedia gets everything together for you.

2) Start meeting new people. Find people of similar interests as you and meet them. You may meet new friends, you may meet new lifetime hobby partners. Try out Meetup.com where you can join or organize any meetings you want.

3) Stay at Airbnb. It is a ‘room-booking’ site where you can book a home in another country. Skip the hotels. Stay with a local. Airbnb will help you with finding the best host for your holiday.